Web Dev

image of a web page displaying coffee options along with a menu for sorting by roast, a search bar, and an icon to add a new coffee to the list. image of a web page displaying a map and corresponding weather, with current weather and four days of forecasts.


A traditional Marubo longhouse stands in the middle of a clean earth plaza. A young woman is walking towards the door carrying banana leaves. Electrical lines are seen to enter the longhouse and a post sustaining the lines is in the plaza. An elderly Marubo couple poses for a photograph. Clovis Rufino, Beto Marubo, and Manelao pose for a photograph with Javier Ruedas at a conference on education in Tabatinga in 2009.

Information Studies

A snippet of XML code in EAD following DACS format, created by a team of four including Javier Ruedas in 2012. A snippet of XML in dublin core format. A photograph of a task analysis showing part of the anticipated information-seeking behavior of a user visiting a site providing information on health care to immigrants.